This copper alloy is very similar to brass for machinability and conductivity except for its hardness.
The addition of tin/aluminium or phosphor boosts the wear resistance of this material.
This makes it ideal for moving or friction parts.

Alloys in stock:
Cast Bronze
Phosphor Bronze
Aluminium Bronze

Bronze Connection Part

Bronze Connection

Clamping part made out of bronze. Usage: This OEM part is used in vibration machinery for clamping down. Technical details: Material: CuSn12 Dimensions: 60x95x160mm Weight: 7,75kg

Base for RASZ relays 110V

Base for RASZ Relay

Self-extinguishing injection moulded glassfiber reinforced with thermohard for the base. This RASZ relay operates at 110V The connectors are made out of brass. Silver plating is applied. Usage: For railway… read more

Contacts and Accessories

All parts for 3 phase ACEC switches at industrial level. We mill, braze and assemble all spare parts for these switches. New and revision is available. Usage: For heavy industry.