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Electrical contacts are essential parts of electro-mechanical equipment. Elektrokontakt provides top quality materials, such as electrical switches, railway contacts, high voltage busbars, contact pins, overhaul items and many more. Discover our top quality electrical contacts below.

Plug-in isolating switch for railway

Plug-in Isolating Switch

This small switch is made and assembled by Elektrokontakt for the railway sector. It consists out of many different parts. We have the contact blades with silver plating, held together… read more

Siemens contactors

Siemens Contactors

These contacts are for 3TC74 & 3WE-series. Contact tips in AgCdO and available coated and uncoated. Machined, bent and coated these contacts are part of Elektrokontakt’s speciality. Usage: For the… read more

Spare Parts

A range of copper spare parts for many different brands. For mor detailed information, please contact us! Ameise – Cableform – Unilec – PEG – Komatsu – HB – TM… read more

Didn’t find the part that you are looking for? Provide us with a sketch or sample and we will analyse your product for free! Get in contact with us.

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Telemechanic contactors

Telemechanic Contactors

Electrical contacts for PN1 & PA2-series Telemechanic contactors. Machined and bent out of electrolytic copper. Usage: For railway purposes. Technical details: Material: E-Cu F25 / Ag / AgCdO

Contacts and Accessories

All parts for 3 phase ACEC switches at industrial level. We mill, braze and assemble all spare parts for these switches. New and revision is available. Usage: For heavy industry.


Positioning Wheel

Positioning roll Lenord-Bauer. This mechanical contact dials in the position of hoisting equipment. Machined out of aluminum. Usage: For heavy industry. Technical details: Material: Alu Dimensions: ø160x80mm Weight: 3,5kg

Didn’t find the part that you are looking for? Provide us with a sketch or sample and we will analyse your product for free! Get in contact with us.

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Aluminium Part

Assembly Part

This part made out of aluminium is used for positioning in an assembly. These parts were made lights out on our automated CNC machine. Usage: For heavy industyr. Technical details:… read more

Positioning Contact

Positioning Contact

Copper contact made out of Electrolytic Copper. Usage: Copper contact for positioning laser devices. Technical details: Material: E-Cu F25 Dimensions: 43x58x90mm Weight: 1,9kg

Contacts for railway / De Lijn

Contacts for Railway

All sorts of contacts for railway purposes. De Lijn Usage: For transport sector. Technical details: Material: E-Cu F25 / CuSn / CuZn

Electrical contact pins and couplers are mainly used for signal and power transmission in many industries.
These CNC turned parts are brazed with different contact tips and coated with silver to enhance conductivity.

Electrical contacts can be found in electrical switches such as circuit breakers, power supplies and electrical grounding parts.

High Voltage contacts are an essential part of our current high voltage network.
We produce many different types of high voltage disconnectors and earthing switches.

Overhaul / Repair Electrical contacts are created out of very high grade and often expensive material.
When a contact tip is worn out or a connector is broken it is a very expensive maintenance cost to buy a complete new set.
At Elektrokontakt we offer you an alternative that cuts your maintenance costs in half!
We can replace the contact tips or repair the broken part of your connector to give you back a fully operational contact at a budget friendly cost.

Railway has been a sector where we are operational since our founding 40 years ago.
We have an extensive database of stock railway electrical components like no other.
Ranging from copper braided flexibles to isolating switches, we manufacture them al.
An extensive stock of Smit & Holec contactors and the possibility to machine and repair all your electrical components makes us a reliable partner for all your railway needs.