Electrolytic copper [99.9% Cu]:
The copper we use as standard. The very high conductivity of electricity and heat makes this an ideal material for general electrical applications in industry.

This material is hard to turn and mill but lends itself very well to soldering and brazing.

Copper Chrome Zirconium [98.5% Cu - 1,2% Cr - 0.3% Zr]:

This copper has very similar properties in terms of conductivity but its hardness is increased.

It is mostly used in welding applications where wear is an important factor.

Copper Cobalt Beryllium [96.5% Cu - 0.7% Be - 2.8% Co]:

The hardness of this copper variant is increased compared to CuCrZr in order to reduce the wear

Flexible Connection

Braided copper flexibles in different sizes and designs. Tin plated exterior. Usage: For transport industry. Technical details: Material: Cu / Sn

Copper Railing

Copper Railing

All shapes & sizes available. We coöperate with the best to provide our customers with any profile.  

Flexible Connection

Shunt with multiple copper braids (6x150mm²) for 2800 Amp. Blank connections with 4 x ø18 holes. Usage: For heavy industry. Technical details: Material: E-Cu F25 Dimensions: 20x150x6300mm Weight: 57,5kg