As a milling manufacturer with a wide range of CNC milling machines we offer our customers quick lead times and quality!

No technical drawing or just a quick sketch of a part?

No problem! We can reverse engineer your part from a sketch and/or model. Our wide range of measuring equipment enables us to thoroughly analyse and reproduce your milling product.

We can thus provide you with parts of equivalent or even improved quality over the original. We have a diversified collection of CNC milling machines, from numeral 3-axis to automated CAD - CAM 5-axis CNC machines.

These give us the ability to mill any volume for the perfect milled part, at the desired price. Our most recent purchase of a robot unit ensures that Elektrokontakt can also competitively deliver large series with production 24 hours a day.

The combination of our extensive range of milling machines and a large stock of different materials gives us a manufacturing edge to mill the perfect part for our customers.

Aluminium Part

Assembly Part

This part made out of aluminium is used for positioning in an assembly. These parts were made lights out on our automated CNC machine. Usage: For heavy industyr. Technical details:… read more

Electrode for EVG Wire Mesh welding

Wire Mesh Electrode

Wire mesh electrode for EVG wire mesh welding machine. Machined out of copper cobalt berylium, this electrode has a very high wear resistance. We assure original quality and better! We… read more

Copper Connection

Solid copper connector for Alstom T13 Loco. Drawing nr: HLE13/3000 – CFL3000 ~ Serie 36000 Astride 3RD95 – 3RD96 – 3RD97 – 3RD98 – 3RD99 – 3RDA96 – 3RDA97 –… read more