Load and Test Resistor

These resistors are used in 4 different applications: Generator testing, Switchgear testing, airport and the military sector. We can provide top quality resistors fully client adjustable for al these applications.

Depending on the application, various steel grid elements, type NW / WG or DWG of X10 CrAL13 or X5 NiCr 18 9, are employed as resistor material. Especially for the lower load stages with higher ohm values, wire-wound frames with CuNi 44 or NiCr 3020 windings are available. For short-time loads with very high pulse energy, resistor elements of high graded cast iron are used.
The resistor elements are combined in packages and mounted in the housing/air duct. Temperature-resistant insulated wire or copper bars, depending on the power rating, are used for wiring the load stages.

The relevant DIN standards and VDE regulations as well as individual customer specifications are applied.
– DIN VDE 0100 / IEC 364 Erection of Power Installations with Voltages up to 1000 V
– DIN VDE 109 / IEC 664 Insulation Coordination within Low-Voltage Systems
– DIN VDE 0110 Determination of Clearances and Creepage Distances
– DIN VDE 0560 Low-voltage Switchgear and Controlgear Assemblies
– DIN 40050 / IEC 144 Types of Enclosure
The units comply with the EC Low-Voltage Directive and obtain CE marking.

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