Resistor Plates

Like the Siemens systems, the steel grid resistors of the GINO system are composed of elements made from high-alloyed steel sheet X10CrAl13 or, alternatively, chromium nickel steel NiCr 18 9 (AISI 304). The printed circuit boards of the resistor elements are punched to obtain conductors of different dimensions. Thus obtaining a total of 48 resistance values which allow optimal adjusting to the customer’s individual requirements.

The elements are reinforced with stainless steel sheets and micanite insulation and exhibit high vibration tolerances which allow even rough operating conditions. Up to 30 elements are mounted on support brackets and insulated by way of mica tubes.

Ceramic insulators separate the elements from each other on the one side while metallic spacer tubes establish the contact among the elements on the other side. Spring washer banks maintain the contact pressure even in case of longitudinal elon-gation of the support brackets due to heat-ing up. Screw-type element connections ensure the contact even in case of high cur-rents (elements NW8 -NW48).

Each element can be equipped with a screw-type connection which can also be moved afterwards. However, the connections are preferably applied according to a pair number of elements so that all of them are located on one side of the bank. Both open banks with free support bracket ends and housed resistors with and without wiring are available.

Special designs for both heavy-duty conditions (maritime climate, offshore operation) and elevated operating voltages of up to 3 kV are available.

For high permanent loads, units with fan cooling are available.


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