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Although our specialty is in non-ferrous metals, we pride ourselves on our capability to always help the customer,
so we also regularly process materials that are not in the non-ferrous class.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.

Base for RASZ relays 110V

Base for RASZ Relay

Self-extinguishing injection moulded glassfiber reinforced with thermohard for the base. This RASZ relay operates at 110V The connectors are made out of brass. Silver plating is applied. Usage: For railway… read more

Contact Tips

Contact Tips

All types of alloys: Ag/CdO5/15 – Ag/SnO2 – Ag/Cu97/3 – Ag/Cu92/8 – Ag/Ni80/20 – Ag/W80/20 – Ag/W35/65 – Ag/W65/35 – Bi-metal in Ag/CdO85/15 & Ag/SnO2

Rail-in contacts

Rail-in Contacts

Tullip contacts with stainless steel rings and black galvanised steel springs. The contacts are made out of electrolytic copper and coated with silver. 2 Versions available: ø117mm & ø70mm. Usage:… read more