At Elektrokontakt, we have the equipment to produce any copper connection in no time.
Ranging from copper braid to solid copper, laminated connectors and extruded copper railing.


No technical drawing or just a quick sketch of a copper connector? No problem!
We are happy to help you in your design & drawing process. Give us a call or e-mail us the sketch and we’ll get on it right away.


Braided copper connectors:
We have a large stock of copper braids.
Ranging from 4mm² to 300mm² and in many different types:
• Flat copper braid
• Round copper braid
• Round stranded copper braid
• Flat tinned copper braid
• Round tinned copper braid
• Round stranded copper braid


Any size and length is possible. Just give us a call or e-mail!


To connect these copper braids/grounding braids we are equipped to produce a connector plate of any kind.
The possibilities and range of diameters are endless.


Copper braid is typically used in switches, thyristors, etc., to conduct the current.
Its flexibility sets it apart from solid copper connections or laminated copper connections.


Solid copper connectors:
Made to conduct large amounts of current from one position to another, these solid copper connectors have a huge range of sections.
Because of our large stock of solid copper bars, rods and profiles we can bend your custom copper connector into any shape!


Laminated copper connectors:
These laminated shunts are made out of thin plates of copper press welded together.
They provide a mix between copper braid and solid copper connectors and give flexibility as well as a great conductivity.
These laminated copper connectors are also more wear resistant than copper braided flexibles.

Flexible Connection

Braided copper flexibles in different sizes and designs. Tin plated exterior. Usage: For transport industry. Technical details: Material: Cu / Sn

Copper Railing

Copper Railing

All shapes & sizes available. We coöperate with the best to provide our customers with any profile.  

Flexible Connection

Shunt with multiple copper braids (6x150mm²) for 2800 Amp. Blank connections with 4 x ø18 holes. Usage: For heavy industry. Technical details: Material: E-Cu F25 Dimensions: 20x150x6300mm Weight: 57,5kg