New lathe Elektrokontakt

With the purchase of a DOOSAN SLY, Elektrokontakt has decided to be able to offer lathe work in-house. The lathe is equipped with all the latest technologies to manufacture complex components.


  • Powered tools (axial & radial)
  • Y-axis
  • SUB Spindle
  • Barfeeder

The Y-axis and driven tools give us the possibility of non axial drilling, tapping and complex milling forms. With the SUB spindle, we can work both sides of the workpiece without the need of an operator. This increases both precision and our ability to operate the machine autonomously. To fully automate the machine we also decided to assign a barfeeder to the process so that the machine does not have to be reloaded in medium to large series. All this ensures that the machine time is fully utilized and continuity and quality is at its highest.

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