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Never throw away your used contacts! We can fully restore them to their original quality.

Overhauled Contacts For Hyundai

Overhauled Contacts

These contacts were restored to original quality. After some new contact tips and light machining, these contacts are as good as new. Usage: For Hyundai.

Tullip Contact

Tullip Contact

The worn-out contact tips were replaced by new ones. The contact exists out of a Copper base with Silver contact tips. The whole assembly is silver plated. Usage: Heavy industry… read more

Overhauled Contacts

Overhauled RIS Switch Gear for Smit-Holec. Do not throw away your old contacts! We can restore your parts back to their original quality for a better price and lead time.… read more

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Mechanical clamp

Mechanical Clamp

Recreated this mechanical clamp for an electric converter from the old model. CAD models and improvements were made. Fully machined and assembled by Elektrokontakt. Usage: Used for industrial purposes, this… read more