Plug-in Isolating Switch

This small switch is made and assembled by Elektrokontakt for the railway sector. It consists out of many different parts. We have the contact blades with silver plating, held together... read more

Wire Mesh Contra-electrode

This wire mesh welding electrode made out of Copper Chrome Zirconium is used for PROGRESS welding machines. The materials hardness directly correlates to its wear. The CuCrZr with a HB... read more

Siemens Contactors

These contacts are for 3TC74 & 3WE-series. Contact tips in AgCdO and available coated and uncoated. Machined, bent and coated these contacts are part of Elektrokontakt’s speciality. Usage: For the... read more

Laminated Copper Flexible

Laminated flexibles made out of copper sheets. These connections are used for welding equipment in the automotive sector. Can be made in any shape or form. Usage: For the automotive... read more

Revised Flexible Copper Connection

We revised this copper flexible connection back to it’s original quality! Many presswelded connections were damaged and even completly gone. We MIG welded the new laminated shunts to the original... read more

Assembly Part

Assembly and coupling part made out of aluminium. Usage: Spare parts for machine maintenance. Technical details: Material: AlMgSi0,5 Dimensions: ø70x110mm Weight: 1kg

Spare Parts

A range of copper spare parts for many different brands. For mor detailed information, please contact us! Ameise – Cableform – Unilec – PEG – Komatsu – HB – TM... read more

Telemechanic Contactors

Electrical contacts for PN1 & PA2-series Telemechanic contactors. Machined and bent out of electrolytic copper. Usage: For railway purposes. Technical details: Material: E-Cu F25 / Ag / AgCdO

Contacts and Accessories

All parts for 3 phase ACEC switches at industrial level. We mill, braze and assemble all spare parts for these switches. New and revision is available. Usage: For heavy industry.