Quality is a priority

In the current age of technological advancement, Elektrokontakt was in search of a way to boost its quality standards. As a small company with a high-value team, we focused on providing an easy and comfortable way for the operators to make on the spot high-quality measurements. 

The classic measuring machine demands a high level of knowledge and skill to program and repeat the same measurements. This was no option for our company because it would take a great toll on our efficiency and speed. That brings us to the strong points of our newly acquired measuring machine: the Keyence IMT 7500. 

This machine can be described in three keywords: speed, consistency and simplicity. 

The speed is guaranteed by the visual aspect of this device. It can measure all required dimensions in a matter of seconds. Only a simple push on the button is needed to measure and save all the needed data. 

Consistency is ensured by the ease of use. An operator can quickly place a part onto the table with no need for any anchor points or specific orientations. This is al accounted for in the programming phase.

The simplicity of the device is proven by practice. Any person with no training is able to work on this machine because of the self-explaining interface and logic of the machine.

By purchasing this device, we at Elektrokontakt, have severely upgraded our quality capacities and assure that the requirements of our client will always be met.


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