Resistors are powering our technology. From managing load peaks in the energy sector to managing our public transport. We offer a versatile range of resistors for high-demanding brands such as Siemens.

Braking resistors transfer the energy of moving masses into heat by braking motors that are driven by kinetic energy.

Grounding resistors limit an earth fault current occurring in the event of an error to a maximum value until the safety devices shot down the faulty circuit.

Different requirements are to be met by special, customer-specific solutions. Enclosed resistor profiles are also available in three-phase design and integrated star-type jumper or equipped with a shielded connecting line.

Load and test resistors are used for tests, maintenance and protection of energy sources and testing stations.

Starting resistors are used if a high number of starting processes is required. We can offer oil-cooled starters and liquid-cooled starters. Each with his own specific applications.

Together with separate resistors, the air cooled motor starters start three-phase motors with slip-ring rotors of up to 2000 kW and rotor voltages of up to 2000 V.

We can provide spare parts for every standard system.

Siemens-specific brand resistors.

Following the state of the art, rail-bound vehicles are equipped with three-phase current motors whose acceleration, speed and braking are controlled by means of power electronics. Types like 3PQ and 6GN design Resistors can be found here.